Report accepted

The final report was submitted to funders and reviewed. It is currently awaiting publication (expected to be early September 2013)

Dissemination picks up pace

2013 has been a busy year for the team with the project yielding a range of outputs, including amongst others, a paper assessing the ‘ Market Size, Market Share and Market Strategy: Three Myths of Medical Tourism’, and a paper exploring whether medical tourism brings a financial benefit to the NHS.

Neil, Jo, and Dan to edit handbook

Neil, Jo, and Dan have been commissioned by Edward Elgar to edit The Elgar Handbook on Medical Tourism and Patient Mobility. The handbook will build upon the project to address a wide range of issues from the ethics to the economics of medical travel.

Team present at the Transnational Health Care Conference

In June this year Neil, Jo, and Dan contributed to the Transnational Health Care Conference. Held over two locations, Neil and Jo travelled to Wageningen, speaking to the structure of the medical tourism market, the motivations of medical tourists, and the nature of London’s involvement with the medical tourism industry. The team then contributed to a meeting of key stakeholders in Leeds. Full details of the programme can be found here:

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